Reading commodork and remembering times that past

So I picked up this book on kindle called Commodork: Sordid Tales From A Bbs Junkie 
by Rob O'Hara (Author) and it really started bring back alot of memories of when I got my first computer. It was a Commodore vic-20 , I loved this machine. So when I was growing up we didn't have alot of money. So not knowing it then, but finding out later my mom spent almost a whole paycheck do get me this computer. I still remember that Christmas opening it up. It was so amazing. I also got a couple games at the time one was a Scot Adams adventure game. Man I loved those, I also remember at the time cassette recorders for a computer were pretty expensive. So everyday i would type in a basic game from one of the magizines I had just to play it. They were some fun times. This book is def one to check out.

Humble Bundle

So I usually get alot from Humble Bundle. I also subscribe to the monthly bundle which is pretty nice. This week's comics are GiJoe and transformers. Really good picks and I haven't had a chance to pick these up and read so I def had to get this. You should def pick this one up.

New Retro Tech August 21, 2017

So in the mail today I received my 32mb upgrade ram for my NEC MobilePro 750C. This was very simple to install and worked right away. Taking me from 16mg to 32mg.

Next I received a Panasonic 8x pcmcia from drive. This thing is cool. I always wanted one but they were way to high in price back then. I got this for really, really cheap. One thing about this unit is that it runs on AA batteries or the included wallwort or you can get a rechargeable battery pack. Another awesome feature is that it has it's own speakers in stereo which is nice. I placed in a audio CD and it played just fine. I then tried to use it on my MobilePro but the included drivers do not support windows ce. It does support DOS so I might play around in DOS on the machine and see if I can get it working. If so I'll post a howto later on. This is def what I expected and work fine. I might have to look out for a old cheap or free windows 95 laptop with pcmcia to try on that. Pretty awesome thou.

Emulators For Windows CE

Found some emulators that work on windows ce. This link is for C64 and spectrum. Emulators for WindowsCE

NEC MobilePro 750C Update Files

Here are some update files I downloaded for my MobilePro in case you need them here's the link
(Note These are for CE 2.11 and 3.0) NEC_MobilePro_750C_Update

NEC Mobilesoft CD

So in my Nec MobilePro there was a cd that had some extra free and trial software on it. So I went ahead and took off all the software and and made a link. So if you your looking for some windows ce soft click the link and check it out. Not sure whats in there so you might just have to explore since it was all in one folder on the original disk. NEC MobilePro 750C CD

Making NFC tags for Nintendo Amibo

So I love the Nintendo Amiibos and how they work. One problem I have with them is some are hard to get or are being sold for ridiculous prices on ebay. So I was thinking all they use is NFC tags. My phone can accept and write NFC. Why cant I just copy and make my own. Well I found out by doing some investigating on the wonderful web that  you can copy and write your own clones. So I got in these today. Will update on the process it takes to write your own NFC tags.

So These are the tags I got to clone the Amiibo code. If your looking to get some already programmed let me know and we can work out a price. the whole set of amiibos is around 700 so would take sometime to program them.

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