NEC MobilePro 750C

So I just got a NEC MobilePro 750C.

Always wanted one of these computers back in the day. Most older tech is pretty cheap now a days and I got this for around $6.00 . It boots up fine to Windows CE 2.0 , and as far as I can tell its has all the important cables and power cord. It came with 2 batteries and they both seem to hold a charge pretty well. I seen online that they also have a battery casing so that you can use AA batteries, Ill have to see if I can get one of those for cheap. So Now the hard part. How do I connect this to today's tech and how do I get this onto the internet. Those are things i'm going to have to figure out. Below is other pics that iv'e taken of the unit and all its ports and also thne link cable that I recieved with the unit. I tried connecting this to a usb to RJ232 but the connector on the cable has a'lot more pins. I do see that it has IR but my new laptop I have doesnt support IR so will have to look into this further. If  you have any information on how you got these older machines connect to your new tech comment down below. So until next time.


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