New Retro Tech August 21, 2017

So in the mail today I received my 32mb upgrade ram for my NEC MobilePro 750C. This was very simple to install and worked right away. Taking me from 16mg to 32mg.

Next I received a Panasonic 8x pcmcia from drive. This thing is cool. I always wanted one but they were way to high in price back then. I got this for really, really cheap. One thing about this unit is that it runs on AA batteries or the included wallwort or you can get a rechargeable battery pack. Another awesome feature is that it has it's own speakers in stereo which is nice. I placed in a audio CD and it played just fine. I then tried to use it on my MobilePro but the included drivers do not support windows ce. It does support DOS so I might play around in DOS on the machine and see if I can get it working. If so I'll post a howto later on. This is def what I expected and work fine. I might have to look out for a old cheap or free windows 95 laptop with pcmcia to try on that. Pretty awesome thou.


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