Reading commodork and remembering times that past

So I picked up this book on kindle called Commodork: Sordid Tales From A Bbs Junkie 
by Rob O'Hara (Author) and it really started bring back alot of memories of when I got my first computer. It was a Commodore vic-20 , I loved this machine. So when I was growing up we didn't have alot of money. So not knowing it then, but finding out later my mom spent almost a whole paycheck do get me this computer. I still remember that Christmas opening it up. It was so amazing. I also got a couple games at the time one was a Scot Adams adventure game. Man I loved those, I also remember at the time cassette recorders for a computer were pretty expensive. So everyday i would type in a basic game from one of the magizines I had just to play it. They were some fun times. This book is def one to check out.


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